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It is important for all of us to know our heritage no matter where we come from. Knowing your roots helps you to understand the person that you are today. The Wheeling Celtic Society was founded in 1996 by Art McCrobie East and Diane Davis-Darnley with the main purpose of exposing the Ohio Valley and the surrounding communities to it's rich Celtic roots through information, education and entertainment. The Ohio Valley has over 12,000 residents of Celtic decent (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Scots-Irish, Cornwall, Brittany and Isle of Man). 

The Society has a broad spectrum of activities for it's members including field trips to Scottish Highland Games, Irish festivals and Welsh gatherings, Gaelic and Welsh language classes, as well as Gaelic history. We also feature guest speakers at our monthly meetings. 

The Wheeling Celtic Society hosts a Celtic Festival in Wheeling, West Virginia each year during the month of March. The festival features entertainers from the United States and abroad, several different types of vendors and lots of great food. 

In addition to the festival, we have an annual summer Celtic picnic where we enjoy everything from live bagpipe music to "The Great Haggis Toss". We also hold a Christmas party and have participated in several Christmas parades with our own award-winning Wheeling Celtic Society Christmas float, built by the founders and members of the Society. Some members of the Society have also participated in group trips overseas to the Celtic nations.

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